Esoteric Orders: A Survival Guide


Eric V. Sisco


(This is a work in progress and highly subject to change)

Section I: How to find an Esoteric Order

Section II: Signs and Portents of a Toxic Esoteric Order

  • Initiation, and When It's Right To Be "One-And-Done"
  • Oaths of Secrecy and their Correct Context
  • Delivering on the Claims
  • Distinguishing Quality Esoteric Teachings From "Newage"
  • Where Time and Effort are Spent
  • Healthy Boundaries, or Let's Not Play Master and Servant
  • Toxic Personality Profiles, or Disorders in the Order
  • STD's, or Spiritually Transmitted Diseases
  • Treatment of Community Members
  • Treatment of Candidates
  • Treatment of Current Members
  • Treatment of Ex-Members
  • Enemies of the Order, and Why They Don't Exist
  • A Quick Reference Guide to Ethical Fallacies
  • "For The Good of the Order"
  • Blowing the Whistle in a Secret Society

Section III: How to Leave a Toxic Esoteric Order

  • Reasons You Tell Yourself To Stay, and Why They're All Wrong
  • How to Escape The Tower

Section IV: How to Rehabilitate and Walk the Path Again

  • Cruelty, Desolation, Despair: How to Navigate the Nine of Swords
  • Why You're Justified to be Jaded, and Why You Shouldn't Be
  • The Rebound, and How To Avoid It
  • (A 10-step recovery plan)