Motto Change Results from a Reader

Tonight, I received the following email from Soror MKR.  She performed the Eadem Mutata Resurgo ritual to very positive effects.  Beyond that, I will let the letter speak for itself:

Greetings Eric,

I have had the opportunity of performing your motto-changing ritual as published in Hermetic Virtues. I didn't want to change my current motto so much as abrogate mottos I have previously had in other Golden Dawn orders. I really just wanted to clean the slate and go on with just the energies of my current motto. It's not that any of my older mottos did not fit me at the time I had them, but for each motto change, they represented me operating from a new place and time. Those places and times were long past, but there was still a feeling of them lingering on in subtle ways.

I have to say that the performance of the ritual was a wonderful experience, in and of itself. The energies were intense, there were obvious temperature changes in the air at various points, and a most discernible feeling of a weight lifted as I abrogated the old mottos (three of them). But the interesting thing is that I've seen some changes in the way things are happening in and around me since I completed the ritual. There have been subtle and not-so-subtle serendipitous events related to my current motto and what it means to me. My current motto is related to truth, and I have had a variety of interesting truths revealed to me, both internally and externally, both in daily life and realizations and in dreams. I've also felt more balanced and been much more productive, both of which I had been working on and having some difficulties with, while after the ritual, it seems to be flowing more naturally and coming more easily.

I'm fully convinced this was all the result of the ritual. I'm very much looking forward to see where my motto takes me from here. Should I need to change my motto again at some future time, I plan to use your ritual again at that time. Thank you!

Soror MKR

This ritual can be found in the latest version of Hermetic Virtues magazine.  If you have also performed this ritual, I would love to hear your results as well!


Peregrin Wildoak posted on my Facebook wall:

Cool. I had occasion to change MOTO very early on in my GD path - I wrote a process myself, but wish yours had been around then :) Good to see some feedback on this great ritual :)

July 9, 2012 at 1:32 AM  

This was awesome.

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated at first as I have not done most of the rituals contained within this one. But I worked through them and was amazed at several points. The energies shifted several times, getting quite warm in my small apartment and at times I felt as if I were in some sort of an echo chamber. The most surreal was when I was sacrificing the components of my old motto...and then getting them back with my new motto...The Bornless One was most remarkable too as I have heard much about this, but have not seen it nor read through it.

Oddly the death was the hardest part. The rebirth was warm sublime subtle light initially, followed by strengthening and solidifying of my new identity. I don't know where this is going to take me yet. Nor have I articulated it within myself enough to explain the deeper aspects.

I changed my motto because I recently left an Order where I was an Initiate, for 4 years enduring a toxic and abusive mentor. My motto was designed by me to be a release of Divine Essence, specific to Egyptian understanding of the soul. The former mentor denied me full expression of this Divine. This ritual allowed me to destroy the egregore of the Order, gain freedom, and change course.

I'm also waiting to see if this carries over to other areas of my life where I have been prevented full expression.

Soror Aatenku Het-Aku-N-Skehet

May 14, 2014 at 12:38 AM  

As I suspected, results and outcomes from this ritual will be ongoing. Today as I am doing my daily Tarot reading I am seeing my methods for reading and insights change. It is as if there are countless levels of sight and interconnections, almost like a flowing river of life story and guidance.

This ritual is simply excellent.

May 14, 2014 at 10:45 AM  

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