30 Years of the Vault of the Adepti

For 30 years, the Light shineth in the Darkness 30 years, and still, the Darkness comprehendeth it not.

Sunday marks an incredible landmark anniversary in the history of the Golden Dawn and the Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis.  On June 24, 1982, Francis Israel Regardie, our Very Honored Frater Ad Majorem Adonai Gloriam, consecrated the Vault of the Adepti, tirelessly built by Mr. Chic Cicero.  Did either of them at the time realize what forces they would set in motion?

The original Golden Dawn was established in March of 1888.  By 1918, it had gone through infighting, uprisings, major schisms, ugly court battles, such bad publicity that name changes were necessary, and the Archon Basileus of the Alpha et Omega, Samuel "MacGregor" Mathers, would be dead by the end of that year.  The various splinter factions had already seen their heyday by then, and were well on the decline.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations in its history as well, some paralleling the original Order perhaps a little too closely.  But after I saw the following honorarium, signed by so many from such diverse organizations, I could not help but think that the Golden Dawn's best years are yet to come.

On the door of the Vault is written Post CXX Annos Patebo, "After 120 years, I will open".  On Sunday, there needs to be a new inscription: Post XXX Annos Nitemus, "After 30 years, we flourish and shine".

Dear Chic and Tabby, may the Lord of the Universe bless you and keep you, for He Works in Silence, and naught but Silence can express my gratitude to your endless devotion to the Order and to the Great Work.

LVX in Excelsis,
V.H. Frater Phaino


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